Imja Tse & Mera Peak Climbing Expeditions
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The Summit at Last!

Many people dream of walking high into the Himalaya, to the foot of Everest in the land of the Sherpa people. They are drawn to hear yak bells and the horns of monks, to marvel at mountains of an unimaginable scale, to stand in quiet wonder.

And then there are those who are pulled even higher….to the very peaks and pinnacles, to the throne room of the gods.

Our expeditions to Imja Tse and Mera Peak are designed to fulfill this dream, to trek and acclimatize in a rich cultural environment and to climb to the summit of a snow peak in the heart of the Khumbu Himalaya.

The basic requirements for these trips are good health, good fitness and basic mountaineering skills: familiarity with the use of an ice axe and crampons, glacier travel, and that undefinable urge to go up.

Moon Mountain

The maximum group size is eight, the minimum is four. There are many reasons for the participants being denied their "summit" i.e. bad weather, bad health, bad conditions. These expeditions are designed to give climbers a wonderful journey even without the ultimate summit. In that sense they are fantastic treks and non-climbers are welcome. On Imja Tse, we will be accompanied by a Sherpa climbing guide. On Mera Peak, a Sherpa assistant climbing guide and I will lead the group.

Familiarity with high altitude above four thousand meters is an asset. Although the daily stages are short to assist acclimatization, it is still a very demanding exercise. It is very important that participants be open and honest about AMS (Acute Mountain Sickness) symptoms. Ambition and group pressure can be enemies at altitude. Symptoms can be dealt with as they arise.

We will be accompanied by porters who carry our loads and a kitchen to provide excellent meals. Our crew will set up our camps and cook for us. It sounds simple, but at high camp, when you feel totally incapacitated, it is SO valuable. Their friendship and care will be some of the strongest memories of your journey.

We will both camp and stay in lodges. Tents are provided. Yes, when camping, bed tea is served at dawn. You will be required to get used to being PAMPERED!

All climbers will need climbing equipment. For a complete list, please go to the links below and click on Equipment List.

Tripping the Light Fantastic

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